Details of Regulatory Actions


Reportable releases in the past 12 months

December 2020Denton, TX – A water line was left open causing the cooling tower system to overflow, releasing an estimated 20,000 gallons of water which flowed to a retention area at the southwest corner of the property. Upon discovery of the overflow, city water was turned off to the plant and the release was terminated. An outside cleanup service was used to remove the standing water. Although the release did not trigger any regulatory reporting requirements, the release was reported to the City of Denton, the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality, and the National Response Center as a conservative measure. No further action is expected.

July 2020Carrollton, GA – An oil sheen was observed in Buffalo Creek originating from a storm water management/containment system that services the Building Wire Plant. Site personnel implemented corrective measures to capture the oil in the creek to the extent possible. Following an investigation, the source of this oil could not be determined; however, the release was estimated to be less than 5 gallons. The incident was reported to the National Response Center and Georgia Environmental Protection Division. No further action is anticipated.

Letters of Noncompliance (LON), Notices of Violation (NOV), etc. in the past 12 months

December 2020 - Douglas, GA – Southwire received a Notice of Violation (NOV) from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GA EPD) following a desk audit of the hazardous waste records on December 7, 2020. The NOV was issued for not creating a quick reference guide (QRG) for the site’s Contingency Plan in accordance with 40 CFR 262.262(b). Southwire subsequently provided the required QRG to the GA EPD. No monetary penalty was issued.

October 2020 – Lafayette, IN – Southwire received a Notice of Violation (NOV) letter from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) for failure to submit an air permit annual compliance certification. In fact, the plant did submit an annual certification; however, the incorrect form was used. The plant resubmitted the certification to IDEM with the correct form. No monetary penalty is expected.

August 2020 – Carrollton, GA - Southwire received a Notice of Violation (NOV) from the City of Carrollton for exceeding our total suspended solids (TSS) daily maximum sewer permit discharge limit in July. Subsequent samples in July and August indicated TSS levels below the permit limit. We will continue to monitor the discharge for signs of elevated TSS levels. No monetary penalty is expected.

December 2019Carrollton, GA - Southwire received a Notice of Violation (NOV) from the City of Carrollton for failure to conduct sewer effluent sampling in November. Southwire failed to complete the required sampling due to administrative issues with our sampling contractor. The issues were resolved, and internal procedures have been updated to ensure future sampling activities are performed as required. There was no fine associated with this violation.